Frequently Asked Questions

When you’re bridging the gap between plant medicine and modern dental science, it’s important to be committed to transparency. At TruthPaste, we’re dedicated to continuously educating and improving the lives of folks who care about their oral health. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about TruthPaste to help you make the most informed decision.

TruthPaste Basics

What does TruthPaste taste like?

The original TruthPaste blend of natural flavors provides a subtle, yet refreshing, minty taste. If mint isn’t you’re cup of tea, we're also working on a bold cinnamon blend and a sweet bubblegum variety for the kids (or the kid in you). 

What's the texture of TruthPaste like?

First-time TruthPaste users typically note the clay texture, which has a different mouth-feel than your run-of-the-mill toothpaste. What you’re feeling is the result of the natural ‘drawing’ properties of clay. Enjoy it! Your mouth has never been cleaner.  

How long does a jar the 2oz jar of TruthPaste last?

A little goes a long way! Brushing twice a day, your 2oz jar of TruthPaste will last between four and eight weeks.

Where is TruthPaste manufactured?

TruthPaste is manufactured in Nevada City, CA.

What's inside TruthPaste? 

We're so glad you asked, because what goes into TruthPaste is our labor of love. You can check out full ingredient list on every jar of TruthPaste (obviously), our ingredients page and this nifty infographic

Does TruthPaste’s packaging contain plastic?

The lid is plastic. However, the glass jar is the only packaging that comes in contact with the product itself.

Can children use TruthPaste?

TruthPaste has not been tested for use by children. When introducing any new product or protocol into a young child’s life it is important to consult with a dentist and/or licensed healthcare provider. TruthPaste is intended for use as any other toothpaste and is not intended to be eaten.

We're currently crafting a special blend of bubblegum flavored TruthPaste just for kids!

Will TruthPaste clog my electric toothbrush head?

Nope! TruthPaste will not cause any issues with your preferred brushing method.

Do you add water to your toothbrush when using TruthPaste?

You treat TruthPaste just as you would regular toothpaste, with as much or as little water on your brush as you prefer.

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